Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here's a little recipe to put that electric juicer of yours to good use.  I used my beloved Omega 8005 all-purpose juicer.

Perfect on a sweltering hot summer day (like today), this green ice cream recipe is about as natural as ice cream gets.  It doesn't melt nearly as fast as regular ice cream, and it's so much healthier for you!
1/2 ounce fresh wheatgrass juice
4 ounces frozen overripe bananas

Juice wheatgrass and set aside. Remove pulp residue from auger and juicing cups. Swap out strainer piece on juicer for its solid attachment. Press frozen bananas through the juicer into the juicing cup. Gently fold wheatgrass juice into the frozen, pressed bananas with a fork.  Place serving dish at the end of the attachment and send the banana-wheatgrass mixture through the juicer again for a smooth, consistent blend. Add a few sprigs of wheatgrass for garnish.
It's a lot easier than it sounds and really only takes a few minutes.  The final taste is truly that of a refreshingly cold unripened banana.

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  1. Nice shot! was that natural daylight you took this picture with?