Monday, April 19, 2010


I had the pleasure of providing centerpieces for a USANA Spa Party yesterday afternoon.  Easy to grow and decorate, these simple centerpieces provide classic spa ambience to any room.  Fill a 10" round glass dish (purchased at Michael's) to 1" from the top with a 3 parts soil/1 part peat moss mix.  Sprinkle soil evenly with 2/3 cup Hard Spring Wheat Berries purchased from (first soaked in water for 8 hours).  Lightly water seeds after sprinkling on the soil. Cover loosely with plastic wrap.  Water lightly once daily each morning.  Remove plastic wrap when grass reaches the height of the plastic and continue to water lightly once daily each morning.  Keep under an even light source, NOT in direct sunlight.  Remember that grass will tend to lean toward its light source, so your best bet for centerpieces is to keep them under a flourescent shop light, preferably full spectrum. Grass reaches optimal centerpiece height at around 4-5".  A general rule of thumb to know when to start soaking your seeds for your event is to allow one extra day for every inch.  For example, if you want your grass to be about 5" high for your event, plan to start soaking your seeds 6 days before the event.  If you want your grass to be about 6" high, start your seeds 7 days before the event.  Remember that wheatgrass will not start taking on that lush, thick look until around day 5, so you really don't have the option to plan for anything shorter than a 4" grass.  It will start to yellow and grow weak past day 10, so it shouldn't be planted too early either.  This particular centerpiece was finished off with dried lavender sprigs from last summer's garden.

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