Friday, October 16, 2009

Return of The Wheatgrass Grower

by Ellen McGlynn

I have returned!

Halt!  Not as a regular grower, but as a writer and for special events.  First, my apologies to all who have tapped my website in recent months only to find a dead space.  This has been a somewhat melancholy transitional time, a letting go of the growing side of the business and  daily waking  of the sprouts, and re-focusing in areas where I can still make a contribution to the awareness and support of wheatgrass as a dietary supplement.  Years of growing, shipping, showcasing, and chatting about wheatgrass have left me with tons of digital files that should not be buried in the hallows of my external hard drive.  And so, I have blog about wheatgrass.

Above all, I am an expert on how to grow a high-quality product that has received accolades from some of this country's most experienced wheatgrass buyers, so I hope you will feel free to use this forum as a way of working out your growing inhibitions.   You won't regret it.

Don't forget to check back often for new postings.  Aside from growing tips, juicing recommendations,  and nutritional information, I'll be posting creative ideas for floral arrangements and appealing recipes.

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